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Public Affairs

Despite the fact that each country has its own unique polity and political climate, we understand that the level of barriers for the business in relations with the government and community organizations are almost identical throughout the world. Any international news only proves that the problems encountered in one capital, directly or indirectly affect the neighbouring states, and sometimes the world on the whole. That is precisely why with the top-ranked resources in major political capitals of the world we offer a well-coordinated service with the major players on the global level and adapting the programs to meet local market realities.

We offer solutions to the goals set in the following areas:

Strategy Map: The main objective of the Strategy Map is to identify risks and opportunities; a list of decision-making officials; key messages and communication channels.

Government Relations: In most cases we contact government agencies directly on behalf of our Clients, explaining the stand of the companies represented, and as a result, foster the dialogue to achieve the set goals.

Relationship with the public opinion shapers: We identify the most significant shapers of public opinion, influencing the solution of a Client’s problem one way or another. A list of representatives is provided in the format of a Strategic Map, which is followed by the ‘spot’ efforts to implement the approved action program.

Informational Follow-Up: To demonstrate and justify the political support for the represented position, we develop targeted media campaigns highlighting the views of our Clients in key international, national and regional media. Additionally, we provide an advertising campaign to reinforce key messages and visual support to the issue in question.

Crisis Communications: We help clients identify the major risks and develop clear strategies to mitigate and/or prevent the upcoming crisis. We were often approached by companies already at the point of communications crisis. In this case, we take on the responsibility for “manual” control of the informational environment, to minimize the possible damage to the Client’s reputation.

Corporate Positioning: The reputation of a single company or the whole industry undergoes damages of various kinds, inflicted by social and political initiatives. The goal of our Agency is to identify the best possible information advantages in promoting opinions, as well as strengthening the Client’s corporate reputation among the government agencies and community organizations.

Digital Influence: As may be required we deploy the Internet information resources and social media to the most to achieve more publicity of issues within the framework of the objective.


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