Consumer Marketing

The consumer marketing division is designed for working with brands representing the full range of retail business products, including fashion and beauty, food and beverage, cars, as well as the recreation and entertainment industries.

Today's realities dictate a more rigorous approach in terms of strengthening the reputation and trust to the brands closely related to the lives of consumers. Moreover, because of a huge information flow and dynamic market development, consumers become more scrupulous and demanding to a product.

The goal of our Agency is to influence consumer decision regarding a purchase long before their eyes rest on a product shelf. In order to integrate the lives of the brand and the consumer harmoniously, we use various tools, ranging from the traditional ones like interaction with the media to innovations, including electronic influence and active communication with bloggers and users of social networks. People listen to other people, passing the said to others. We are at the top of the ‘word of mouth’ and create a newsmaker. Our task is to see news in the product of a Client.


We offer solutions to the goals set in the following areas:

- 360 Degree Brand Stewardship ®;

- Product Launch;

- Crisis communications;

- Exclusive trendsetters database;

- Media Relations (national, regional, specialized and electronic);

- Word of mouth;

- Digital influence;

- Recruitment and guidance for brand ‘ambassadors’.

Consumer Marketing

Consumer Marketing


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