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Corporate Communications

Corporate communications have become an integral component in the development of modern business. In Central Asia, and Kazakhstan in particular, the understanding of the role of reputation has changed fundamentally over the last decade. 

The entrance to the international markets and the attraction of strategic investors has taught the business community to distinguish clearly between the two concepts of “brand” and “reputation”. The latter affects the value of the business as a whole, while a brand only has an impact on sales increase. According to the international research, 70 - 75% of the market value of businesses is made up by intangible assets of the company, which refer to various patent developments, the rights to develop mineral deposits, as well as human and brand potential of a company. 

Global Corporate Practice consists of over 100 highly skilled professionals in over 60 countries worldwide with the headquarters in London, New York and Beijing.

We offer solutions to the goals set in the following areas:

Reputation Management: We help Clients in creating and protecting company's reputation among and in interactions with various stakeholders with the purpose of increasing the value of intangible assets, the maximum involvement and motivation in promoting corporate vision, as well as general strengthening of the brand loyalty. The main activities include:

- 360 Degree Brand Stewardship ®;

- Reputation audit;

- Top management positioning;

- Organization and outsourcing of a company’s press office;

- Media training at various complexity levels for the company’s main speakers;

- Crisis communications;

- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR);

- Sustainability program;

- Digital influence.

Business-to-Business Communications (B2B): Our team helps companies to be recognized in the market as professionals involved in providing goods and services in the B2B sector. We provide a wide range of various solutions, from promoting innovative business philosophy (thought leadership) among key stakeholders to deliberate systematic work with the most effective communication channels (taking into account the industry and scope and specifics of the Client Company) affecting the final sales.

Financial Communications: Within financial communications, our team provides services for communication support of companies that initiate negotiations with investors, as well as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Initial Public Offering (IPO), opening subsidiaries / spin-off companies, proxy fights, leveraged buyouts, and minority interest acquisitions. Our close ties with key journalists and analysts in the key financial capitals of the world allowed Ogilvy PR last year only to support 80 transactions, 75 IPOs, as well as directly participate in initial listings of twelve Chinese companies on the New York Stock Exchange.

Internal Communications: Our team helps clients to create an image of a dream company (“the dream job”), the company that anyone would want to work for and realize their potential (“the dream team”). This becomes especially vital for organizations that are undergoing significant changes such as restructuring, downsizing, re-branding, mergers and acquisitions, change in a company’s top management and other business developments that often adversely affect the corporate environment and most de-motivate its staff. We pay particular attention to the construction of a full-fledged dialogue between the top management and employees of the organization, broadcasting of main brand values, as well as recruiting and supporting of brand ‘ambassadors’.



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