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Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of those phenomena, to the need of which all agree, but hardly anyone can define exactly what it is. Some think that it is sufficient just to comply with the labor laws, or the tax laws, and others consider the business from the environmental protection perspective.  

The CSR essence lies in the fact that, regardless of consumption of goods and services of the company, consumers should benefit from the very fact of its existence and, most importantly, not suffer from any possible damage from its operations. Often, various associations and community groups closely watch the activities of corporations of different sizes, paying attention to all aspects of business, from manufacturing and distribution to marketing, personnel policies and compliance with the environmental standards. 

The CSR challenge is to build trusty and accountable relationships with all the stakeholders. Tayniy Sovetnik Ogilvy PR provides consulting and project support in the development and enforcement of CSR policies for businesses representing various sectors of the economy. 

The advantage of the CSR is that a competent policy of social responsibility has all the potential to become one of the main factors in the necessary positioning in the market and significantly increase the value of intangible assets of a company.

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