The main range of our expertise in this sector includes electronics and household appliances, IT equipment and software, IT services and integration, telecommunications, as well as online business and products.

The technologies and innovations market is developing at a reckless speed, which represents a specific challenge for the Agency always thinking one step ahead. On the one hand consumers become more demanding and sophisticated; on the other hand the traditional media moves to the online format, as well as the existing increasing number of social media admirers. In this regard, we propose an integrated approach in serving our Clients in this sector: from managing reputation and relationships with the “vertical markets” to consumer marketing and digital influence.

We offer solutions to the goals set in the following areas:

- 360 Degree Brand Stewardship®;

- Reputation Management;

- Business-to-Business Communications (B2B);

- Product Launch;

- Crisis Communications;

- Internal Communications;

- Media Relations (national, regional, specialized and electronic);

- Word of mouth;

- Digital Influence;

- Recruitment and guidance of brand “ambassadors”.

Consumer Marketing

Consumer Marketing


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