How to become an Advisor?


Year after year our employees give the same answer for a question about the best thing in their work. The Team. 

A career in Tayniy Sovetnik Ogilvy PR provides an opportunity to work in a diverse, talented and creative environment with people who really care about the work they do. Yes, they get a drive from the process and the results. 

The connection with the Ogilvy international network is a unique opportunity to communicate with professionals from the continents all over the world. We are united by the idea of commitment to high work standards by David Ogilvy, as well as knowledge based on a profound understanding of the essence and innovation, energy and enthusiasm.

Our commitment in working with the Clients is based on our traditions, and represents the heart of what we do and how we do it. We are proud to be partnering with our Clients. 

An Advisor at the Ogilvy PR:

- An Ogilvy person has a deliberate point of view (and is willing and able to articulate it)

- An Ogilvy person takes risks

- An Ogilvy person learns from successes. An Ogilvy person learns more from failures

- An Ogilvy person has guts under pressure, resilience in defeat

- An Ogilvy person knows that they matter

- An Ogilvy person is a big person, without pettiness

- An Ogilvy person is a brilliant brain - not a safe plodder

- An Ogilvy person doesn't wait for the world to come to them

- An Ogilvy person looks (and thinks) ahead

- An Ogilvy person is outwardly focused

- An Ogilvy person believes in high standards of personal ethics

- An Ogilvy person has a capacity for hard work and midnight oil

- An Ogilvy person is insatiably curious

- An Ogilvy person never loses their sense of humor

- An Ogilvy person looks at life as a series of wonderful adventures

If you want to become a part of the global Ogilvy PR team and share our team's values, please, send your resume to pr@ogilvypr.kz with a subject of "I want to become an Adviser".


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